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  2. Spider-Man Goes Mobile in Times Square, Kicks Off First Ever Location-Based Mobile Marketing Campaign With Mobiquity Networks

    Originally published in the Wall Street Journal

    October 15, 2013

    Three-Month Campaign Capitalizes on Foot Traffic to Increase Awareness and Drive Ticket Sales for the Show

    NEW YORK, NY - (Marketwired - Oct 15, 2013) - Mobiquity Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: MOBQ), the nation’s largest location-based mobile marketing network, today announced that it has teamed up with Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark, Broadway’s groundbreaking musical, for its first ever location-based mobile marketing campaign. The campaign will run for three months and micro-target passersby outside of The Foxwoods Theatre on 42(nd) Street in Times Square with interactive messages, videos and content.

    The majority of Americans own a smartphone and, 74% of adult smartphone owners ages 18 and older say they use their phone to get location based information(1) . Harnessing the rise in location-based usage and mobile video consumption coupled with the highly-trafficked location of the Theatre, Mobiquity Networks will drive mobile awareness and commerce using rich digital content delivered via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Consumers who choose to opt-in will receive digital images, a 30-second promotional video, along with a show calendar equipped with a click to purchase or click to call feature when the Theatre is open. When the box office is closed, consumers will receive the promotional video and creative sending them online for reservations and a click to call for Ticketmaster.

    "We are thrilled to partner with Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark to drive ticket sales and awareness for the show," said Michael Trepeta, co-CEO of Mobiquity Networks. "The rise in location-based services users, and the volume of foot traffic in Times Square combined with Mobiquity’s ability to deliver engaging content to interested people who pass by serves as a powerful tool to build excitement and ultimately more patrons for the show."

    "This campaign serves as a great example of how Broadway can and should take advantage of new technologies to leverage existing, untapped value — in this case, the thousands of people walking in front of the Foxwoods Theatre every day on the hunt for a fantastic NYC experience. Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark continues to be at the forefront of building new audiences for Broadway specifically by reaching consumers where they’re most active — on their phones," adds President & Founder of Situation Interactive, Damian Bazadona.

    How It Works

    Brands like Bloomingdales, 1800flowers.com, the NY Knicks and Dollar General, and entertainment like Def Leppard, Cody Simpson, Zero Dark Thirty, War Horse and Insidious have already relied on Mobiquity Networks to reach their consumers and influence behavior. Mobiquity’s interactive zones are positioned in shopping malls near entrances, anchor stores, escalators and other high-traffic, and high dwell-time areas and are designed to reach on-the-go consumers via their mobile devices with premium opt-in content delivered using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Beacon Technology. This advertising medium offers highly targeted messaging, and has been engineered to engage and influence shoppers as they move about. 


  3. Rock of Ages Rocks the Shit out of Instagram

    When we began crafting a social strategy for Rock of Ages on Broadway and in Las Vegas, we knew its Facebook and Twitter content would be chock full of hijinks, hilarity, rock references, and ‘80s throwback fun. But on Instagram, Rock of Ages needed something different. Something unique. Something…bizarre.

    So, like a parent giving their teenager the keys to a Pontiac Firebird, we handed the Broadway cast of Rock of Ages the keys to the show’s Instagram account. Unlike that parent, we told the cast to drive recklessly – seatbelts be damned. We wanted to see their oddest backstage antics, grossest dressing room make-out sessions, and weirdest cast camaraderie. We knew they would deliver. 

    And deliver they did.

    The cast rose to the occasion in an unbelievable way. In addition to behind-the-scenes photos, they shot ridiculous Instagram videos that we can’t describe in human words. (Really, go watch for yourself.) Not only did they grasp the assignment, they wrassled it to the ground and drank shots with it. A brand like Rock of Ages needed content that was authentic, wild and uncensored – and the cast rocked it out.

    Take a wild journey (no ‘80s pun intended) through the Rock of Ages Instagram page.

  4. #IWontStandFor, our digital campaign for USA Network’s Characters Unite initiative, reached over 16 million people with a message of tolerance and acceptance.


  5. The Museum of the City of New York Reveals a New Look

    New York City is…well, it’s massive. Hundreds of years of history. Millions of residents and visitors. Infinite stories, experiences and memories.

    The Museum of the City of New York has the daunting task of bringing NYC’s richness to life. It “celebrates and interprets the city, educating the public about its distinctive character, especially its heritage of diversity, opportunity, and perpetual transformation.” With educational programs, exhibitions, galleries, publications, special events (and more), the Museum is a multi-faceted institution with lots to share with the world. 

    And they needed a new website to convey it all.


    Our redesign was years in the making – a long-term, collaborative process that resulted in a comprehensive new website. We wanted to create an online home for the Museum that fulfilled the needs of visitors, educators, researchers and all those who love New York City. It was imperative that we find a visually compelling way to display large quantities of content for these different groups.

    The solution was an ultra clean grid-based design paired with a navigational structure that allows users to organically dive deeper into the site without feeling overwhelmed by too much detail. Like the city, the website is primed for change. Its structure was developed for easy growth to meet the Museum’s future needs. Above all, it conveys the extraordinary Museum experience, beautifully designed and full of insightful information.


    See the site (and plan your visit!)


  6. Media Campaign Spotlight: Beautiful/The New York Times

    With Beautiful tickets going on sale this weekend, we decided to make a splash by putting a high impact unit on the NY Times in front of an audience who we feel is most likely to engage with the brand and purchase tickets.  Our rich media pushdown unit is running across all NY Times article pages for one week starting today, and is targeted to only be shown to women 45-65 in the New York DMA.

    The unexpanded ad:

    The fully expanded ad:


  7. FUERZA BRUTA Fan Promoters Go Wild

    Fuerza Bruta isn’t the kind of performance people see just once. Its legions of international fans come back again and again, bringing new friends to experience it or using it as a starting point for a crazy night out. We needed to maximize the influence of these super-fans, giving them more tools to spread the inhibition-shattering excitement of Fuerza Bruta to more ticket buyers.

    We created the Fuerza Bruta Fan Promoters campaign to do just that. Fans can sign up to become an official promoter of the show – and many of its club-going fans are already familiar with the concept of “promoting.” Each promoter receives a unique ticket link that they can share with their friends and family. For every five tickets sold through the link, the promoter receives a free ticket for themselves.

    Upping the ante, Fuerza Bruta is offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the top-selling promoter each month: the opportunity to perform in the show. Our first month’s top-selling promoter has already appeared in a performance, and it will be the beginning of many outstanding rewards for our evangelizing fans.

    Many brands have reward-based programs for fans, but we applaud Fuerza Bruta for offering a unique experiential prize – the kind of un-buyable experience that will really get fans excited and spreading the word. With 101 tickets sold within the first month alone, Fan Promoters is set to be a huge success both for fans and the box office bottom line.


  8. New Musical BEAUTIFUL Launches Splash Page

    Beautiful, the Carole King musical, will debut on Broadway after its San Francisco engagement this fall. It required an informative splash page in advance of its full website launch, providing details about the show and a clear path to tickets.

    Although the page is simple, it begins to convey the spirit and tone behind the musical, giving audiences an idea of what’s to come. Our team worked with clockwork synchronicity to design and develop this page within a one-week span. We’re eager to get started on the full website!

    See the page here.


  9. CINDERELLA “Transforms” on NYMag.com

    New York Magazine’s website attracts a very specific online readership – sophisticated, affluent, trendy. When NYMag.com offered us the opportunity to spotlight Rodgers + Hammerstein’s CINDERELLA through a sponsored blogvertorial, we knew it was the perfect fit for this modern adaptation of the classic fairytale.

    For the article, it was important to convey the theme of “transformation,” which is so vital to the musical’s story and seems to resonate strongly with audiences and fans. We also needed to establish an angle that would appeal to NYMag.com’s readers who may not already be theatergoers. Above all, this blogvertorial could not feel salesy – it should feel like pure editorial, not a marketing piece.

    Our solution: give readers inspiration on how to “transform” their style for the upcoming fall season through the lens of CINDERELLA’s Tony Award®-winning costume designer, William Ivey Long. We interviewed Mr. Long to find out his perspective on fall fashion and city style. He added even more depth with his thoughts about fashion as a way to transform, explore, and express your true self, creating a truly accessible article for female readers and anyone with an interest in fashion. 

    The blogvertorial was supported with ad units across NYMag.com, and the blogvertorial page included CINDERELLA Flash units with the thematically relevant tagline “Discover what really happened between rags and riches.” The balance between advertising and editorial felt pitch perfect, and William Ivey Long’s fantastic words of wisdom made the campaign even more successful. 

    Read the full piece on NYMag.com



  10. LADY DAY Website Launches

    LADY DAY, the Billie Holiday musical, is ready to set the theater scene ablaze with powerful jazz and emotional depth. We felt the official website for the production needed to convey the importance of Billie’s legacy while featuring the scintillating performance of the show’s leading lady, renowned jazz singer Dee Dee Bridgewater.

    In addition to ticket information, content is queen on the website. Music clips featuring Dee Dee’s vocals, video playlists, and photographs immerse visitors into Billie’s world. A live Instagram feed emphasizes her continuing artistic and inspirational influence. And the bold, cool design of the site includes some subtle “showbiz” touches like marquee lights. 

    Visit the site and get tickets for LADY DAY