1. Pepsi to Provide Free Music Download on Twitter

    Pepsi recently launched “Live for Now Music” as part of their new “Live for Now” campaign.  The “Live for Now” campaign focuses on pop culture and entertainment in an effort to connect with “the Now Culture.” “Live for Now Music” will offer free music downloads, music videos, and a series of pop-up concerts all summer and fall. 

    Pepsi will use their Twitter account, @pepsi, and the hashtag #PepsiMusicNOW to offer the free downloads and announce pop-up concerts. This Pepsi deal comes about two weeks after another Twitter deal with ESPN that aims to create ad programs around major sporting events.

    This promotion provides another option when creating incentives for social loyalty from potential fans. For brands with popular and/or exciting music associated with them, offering a song download is a great way to gain followers and increase awareness and familiarity leading up to a launch.

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