1. 10 Inspiring Non-Profits On Twitter.

    Instagram has recently gained huge exposure, and there are some non-profits intelligently using the social app to expand their social reach using emotive visuals.

    Mashable has shone a spotlight on some of the best, and our particular favorite is Charity: Water.  The above pictures show how Charity: Water’s simple, yet striking photographs convey their mission in an evocative way.  Each picture is captioned with informative information on clean water, who has been charitable, and how water has been helpful to those receiving it. They are not only celebrating their donors, but simply demonstrating how donations can impact lives.

    Some other featured non-profits include: United Nations Foundation, Robin Hood, & Oceana; who share gorgeous photos of the sea, that leave you questioning how anyone could allow its continued pollution.  Instagram is a great platform to consider for brands that hope to inspire an emotive response. 

    View the Instagram photo campaigns here.  

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