1. Kapture is the new Instagram for Brand Rewards

    The free iPhone app gives users discounts and freebies for sharing photos of ‘moments’ (a favorite dish, an outfit a user is excited to buy, etc.) in-store. The discounts can be redeemed instantly, saved for a later date, or given to friends as a gift.

    Brian D. Martelli, co-founder and CEO, said “With Kapture, what resonates most for me is creating a new, yet organic channel for brands and merchants to reach new and loyal customers through a very familiar behavior; photographs…we believe our platform is a powerful solution for brands and merchants to maximize their reach on the social media curve.”

    Why we Love This: This app allows fans to be brand ambassadors by generating new, original content. Providing fans with an incentive to share (by offering some type of reward) will generate more engagement, and, in turn, increase reach and garner more fans.

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