1. Facebook IPO: Sizzle vs. Fizzle

    Many had high hopes for the Facebook IPO, but currently the new public company is not reaching expectations.  Numerous opinions have been created about the IPO, including something the Huffington Post refers to as the “sizzle” and “fizzle.”

    Those who believe the Facebook IPO has created a valuation of $104 billion for the company, made Zuckerberg a multi-billionaire, and gave the bankers what they wanted are considered the “sizzle.” Those who think the IPO was a total bust, was not priced right, and is down 12% are considered the “fizzle.” 

    Facebook was the first social network to go public, and many believe it set the tone for other social media sites.  So if Facebook IPO continues to “sizzle” and “fizzle,” will other social sites follow suit?

  2. Mashable Predicts How Facebook’s IPO Will Affect Brands

    Mashable asked the question: What does Facebook going public mean for brands? Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable, answered with 5 main takeaways. Here’s a look at two we think are important to have on your radar.
    • More and Better Ads: In order to sustain continuous revenue growth, Facebook will incentivize spending ad dollars by creating innovative ad formats and targeting capabilities.
    • Less Organic Traction: Facebook’s growing ad opportunities make it more and more challenging for brands to grow organically. The best content needs to be supported by paid media options on Facebook in order to sustain any type of significant impact.
    Read their full analysis here.